Since You’ve Been Gone

Feeling a very special need to rededicate this poem to my girl and to all the children who have left us too soon…..


Since You’ve Been Gone

My finest accomplishment is you
Yet I only have memories to
help me through.

Every minute of every day I long
to see you again, but I must wait
because I haven’t had my swan song.

No one else knows my pain,
the hole in my heart that
will forever remain.

I have so much to give yet,
I don’t know where to begin.
This life I live now; not
comfortable in my new skin.

Since you’ve been gone,
I wander about my life
not knowing how to go on.

I pray every day for guidance,
but mostly I pray that God
is enjoying you now – you
deserve to be free from this life.

I stay not because I choose, but
because ending it would not
honor your memory.

I long to see you again, soon
my dear daughter, very soon.


5 thoughts on “Since You’ve Been Gone

  1. found your blog thru a random generated link in a friend’s blog. i believe there are no accidents, and all things happen for a reason. and i found your blog for a reason. thank you for sharing your heart, your grief, and your hope. i am also a single mom, and you made me realize that i should cherish each moment with my son, because we’ll never know. thank you, and God bless you. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you found my blog. It is always my hope that anyone who finds it feels it can be of some help to know others have walked before them in grief and that they are not alone; but most importantly we walk together to support one another.

    I too don’t believe we randomly find anything. For there is a purpose for everything, and in everything there is a purpose.

    I’ll be writing the second installment to Being Real later today.

  3. I agree with zahflo. Everything happens for a reason. A small small example would be you made so many friends through you blog. Not to mention you found God. Your daughter is happy. I don’t need to be related to you to know that God wouldn’t let her be upset for a second. I know I wouldn’t let her seeing how much you care for her. She is watching you and being happy seeing you alive still. May God Bless You!
    BTW, I have a few of my friends praying for you and your daughter.

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