What Not To Say

It’s not ok

It’s not ok to not talk about her
I’m sorry if it makes you feel
uncomfortable – would you want
to walk in my shoes? I’d gladly
give them to you.

I know I’d get them back in a
flash – it’s too hard. You can’t
even imagine how hard. You think
you know – but unless you have
had a huge hole in your heart
ripped out in a flash – YOU DON”T

But what hurts more – is ignoring me.
Ignoring her – ignoring her life – her existence.

You know you do it because it makes
YOU feel better. But it keeps me from
healing. What you perceive as helping me, is in fact hurting me.

What can you do you ask? Listen, learn and acknowledge my grief. It’s real. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going away any time soon.

But most of all – don’t deny her life. You may have not been a large part of her life, but she was a huge part of mine. Blood is thicker than water.

I sit alone – today! In my grief, choked by pain!

But I will be OK – because I believe she is with me every minute. God provides me enough GRACE to get through every minute of every day. One Day At A Time! But you could make it easier! But you do not.

One thought on “What Not To Say

  1. Grace – what would we do without it? We as humans take it for granted. Like air. God supplies grace as a gift of His evidence. He provides it because we cannot possibly get through grief (like what you experienced when Brittany died) without it.
    You must have an abundance of His grace – and I know He is keeping you strong and has a plan for you because you are going to be needed by someone in your life. And Brittany will be there, guiding you, gently whispering “this is it, Mom….”.

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