The Complexities of Life

I see no solution
yet, I am hopeful.

Things aren’t always
what they seem, but
that doesn’t mean
they can’t be overcome.

It seems the people who
you believed to be true,
someone who took your
heart and comforted it once,
really only wanted to use
it for their own – not thinking
how much pain it would cause.

Now, my faith in love is gone.
Sorrow fills my heart which
sings songs of saddess. And yet,
that someone doesn’t see it.

Time is suppose to heal – but
it just keeps renewing the pain,
never ending, soul-wrenching,
saddness. It can be all consuming.

I choose most of the time to
ignore it, breathe through it – just
keeping it away. Hoping one day
not to think of it for 24 hours.

Yet it continues….never ending. Harder
to bounce back each time. Harder to
believe that it will ever stop hurting so much.

Now, I see a chance to move on, yet
the fear is all encompassing. Dare I escape
the darkness of my heart and break free from
this sea of pain. It’s so hard. So tiring.

Each time I lose a little more energy,
a little more faith and most of all
a little more of my own self.

Then God speaks to me and says “he loves me” and I am his. He made me to achieve great things. I am strong and I will accomplish much. But not because of I am loved by a man, but because I am loved by God. He who sustains me. It is a constant work – but I am worth it!

Deep stuff for a Thursday night – but my soul needed purging! – Image


until later,


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