2nd Day at CC

Well it has been very busy and very boring here at the Cleveland Clinic. I would have to say I am very disappointed in the progress here. And we’ve had at least one med error possibly two. I’ve had to watch them a lot closer. She got her Zonegran (600 mg) twice in one day. Her max dose is 600mg once daily. She was really tired, but no other side effects. I asked to have her hydrated with IV, but they felt it wasn’t necessary. It’s hard to stay on top of everyone when you’ve had little to no sleep for 3 days. Urg. But, we did get her meds reduced down to two and then an increase in one of the remaining meds. Her seizures were confirmed on monitoring and they are generalized in nature. No particular foci – so that’s good news. Because that means her seizures are not coming from a new area. She does believe that she’s on too many meds and too many meds that aren’t doing anything. She also feels that her doctor in GR should be able to manage her from there following her plan of care she is developing for us to return with. So it’s not a sudden fix, or concrete plan. But she did say that if there is no change or she backslides, then immediate changes need to be made with other drugs. No adding them, but stopping others and adding the new.

So – in some ways, I feel this has been a disappointing trip, but in others, a justification that she is on too many meds and that will be adjusted in the hopes of getting her down to only one or 2 meds in the end.

The white brain matter doc will probably see us tomorrow to go over this findings and suggestions. I know they are running more tests tomorrow but still we should be able to come home.

unil next time,



Too bad MS didn’t learn from Michigan on how to handle Notre Dame – HAHAHAHAHAH

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