Energy – where did it go?

In light of my past few days, I’m in awe of the incredible amount of energy it takes to get through each day. Especially when it is emotionally charged. Frustratingly difficult and you feel as if no one is listening.

In reading the “Little Book of Moods” by Jane Eldershaw – the book I have been turning to when  I need a lift. Well besides the Bible. Number 27: drained – getting energy! Bingo! Paydirt!

She talks about how emotionally draining people can make you feel tired. Things to check yourself on or think about to help lift yourself up. I’m thinking “I should have taken this book to Cleveland”.

So if you are feeling drained – try some of these great ideas from Jane:

1. appreciate people who know how to be joyful and make you laugh
2. take every day of vacation you have earned
3. take a minute to smell the oranges – citrus and mint help you stay alert
4. stay hydrated
5. feelings are what give you energy – acknowledge them – even the tiring ones
6. your body has to work harder when you aren’t sitting properly.  Sit Up Straight!

my answers to the above:

1. my daughter makes me laugh – she is so funny
2. I’ve already exhausted my vacation – now I’m borrowing someone else’s – lol
3. I did spray my BeautiControl Herbal Mist on my face all the time over these past days to one STAY AWAKE and two, to try and relax
4. if I drank one more bottle of water I might have burst
5. ok ok – can I now have some of the good ones!
6. ok you got me there – I’m a work in progress!


Last thought from Sarah Bernhardt

“Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.”

Thank you Sarah!


Until next time,



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