Tired of being Tired

I so tired of being tired. I’ve had this cold/sinus infection long enough. It’s been the first real cold I’ve had in a very long time. I know my immune system is shot and that’s probably why I got it – but enough is enough.

Antibiotics helped for about 3 days and now it’s back with a vengence. It doesn’t help matters that I have been slammed emotionally. Brittany’s death, Thanksgiving, her birthday and now Christmas. Even worse – really – could it be any worse? Happy New Year! Right!

Facing the new year is something I hadn’t given another thought too, that is until now. In some ways saying goodbye to 2006 seems appealing – you know – it’s not been the greatest year for me. But facing 2007 – a new life – one that I have not a clue where it will lead – well it’s making me simply – NAUSEATED!

God does continue to bless my life in ways that help me to see that Brittany is with him and she is safe. Keep praying for me that I get guidance about me! What am I suppose to do? Where am I to go? Why am I still here? How will I feel this time next year?

I had a dream the other day, I’m sure was a message from God. In my dream, I pulled up in my car behind Brit’s dads car and then Brittany got out of his car and got into mine. She looked at me and said “The Angels came to see me mom, they said I was going to be ok” – then she got out and I woke up. That’s how I know she is ok and with God. Thank you God!

Now what about me….

until later


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