Entry for January 04, 2007

Sadness beyond belief has overcome me…

Despite my hard fight
I continue to battle
the enemy. The battle
rages 24 hours of every
day with unrelenting
pounding down of my soul.

My heart is broken into
many pieces and lies here
before you fractured beyond

Can you hear me wail? Can
you see my pain? Do you know
it will never go away? It’s never
ending. They say it will get better,
they are wrong. They say that because
they don’t know what else
to say to me.

I do see one thing so very
clearly…I don’t have anything
left. No energy, no worth, no
life, no meaning, nothing.

I travel through my day numb
from all the pain I feel. I have tried
to put on the game face, but I am
tired of playing in a game I didn’t
ask to play in.

would you?

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