What’s going through my mind today!

Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday. Some people always wonder where I get my strength and perseverance from….

My mother, Judie, she accomplished much with little. Gave birth to 7 children, raised 6 of us with little to no help from their father. Often working 3 jobs to make ends meet and keep us off welfare and from being removed from our home. All the while, through her dedication to her children, never knowing that she was instilling in me that, as a women, you can achieve what ever you want – you just have to put your everything in it. She did that up until her very young death – age 48.

My grandmother, Martha, worked for GM all of her life. Always helping my mother with food or bills or taking us in when we had no place to go. She too, died too young – at 70. She remarried a man who I always knew as my grandfather – Mack. He was pretty much the only good male figure I ever knew. Sad! My great-grandfather was a great man too, just didn’t know him much. He gave me something, though I must admit I have today that is why I am able to survive such a devastating loss and that is Christ. My great grandparents were strong in faith and were very simple people.

In reading a passage from Beth Moore’s book Praying for God’s Word, I came across something I wanted to share that will possibly, in some way, give you a glimpse of how I am able to breathe, survive and have hope….

Today when I feel that my life cannot go on because my dreams of the future have been ripped from my life, I turned to the One God who restores me. My faith has never been greater than it is now. The bible has never been clearer to me than it is today. When I feel as if I cannot go on another second, I grab my bible and passages virtually leap off the page as if they were alive. I must say I am immediately calmed by the Word and for the first time in my life, I understand! God’s promises more real. I found that praising God each day for who He is raises me above my circumstances. This is what saved my life. I know Jesus is greater than my pain. He promises through his word to be my Father and that his Grace will be sufficient. I have learned firsthand through experiencing grief like no other – losing an only child, that His words are true and they endure forever. Whatever may come.

This is how I make it through every minute of every day.

until next time,


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