Tomorrow Will Be Tough

Tomorrow is my daughter’s graduation ceremony from high school. I was just informed that the VP wants to present us with an honorary diploma. I am planning to attend, but that will be tough. I’m not sure I got enough nerve to accept it. I know just attending will be more than I can bare. But for her I need to do it. I was asked why I would want to go and I said that here at my hometown, no one’s life has been impacted by her passing, but for her friends, her teacher, her classmates, and those who knew her – it’s one last time to honor her and to remember her. It makes me feel better to know that others have not forgotten her. It feels that way here in Indy.

Keep me in your prayers as I journey through this event with as much grace as I can. I’m praying for monumental grace and peace!

until next time,


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