Happy Saturday

Good Morning All!

I recently was asked to share my faith story with my church. So when I did, never did I think it would go any farther than the words I typed. Then I was approached about sharing my story on video. Ok…so I thought that it would be a good way to continue on my journey and purpose.

A few weeks ago I sat and talked candidly about my faith and my about daughter. It was difficult, but somehow I manage to pull it off. Later on the guy who was behind the camera said that when he reviewed the video the next day he wept and wept.

After seeing it for the first time yesterday, I must say I can see why. It’s very emotional, gut-wrenching and it’s the best tribute to God and to my daughter, Brittany. God has truly blessed me beyond belief. I had an amazing girl, with an amazing gift. No doubt, sometimes, she made life difficult, but what teenager doesn’t!

I’ve learned so much in these past few months. It’s been rough, sometimes I’m not sure I can take another minute. As I said in the video – I had a choice to see this loss two ways: tragic and sad or I can see the time I had with her as a gift from God. Now when I think of it as a tragic event, it makes me sad and I sometimes think I can’t go on without her. Then there are other times I think of it as a blessing because I can see how she made a huge difference in my life and in so many others. She was a gift to me and I have to go on believing I was meant to continue on fulfilling a life God intended me to have from the beginning. Not the one I thought I was suppose to live. That’s my journey.

Yes, I will continue to have bad days, and I will write about them – because what I write about is genuine. But I will also write about the blessings I have received by being Brittany’s mom.

until next time,


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