New Grief Revisits Old Grief

My aunt died this week and I have had a much harder time than I anticipated. It has brought back some fresh feelings about my daughter’s death that I thought I’d dealt with.  Like why do I feel like my life has been a constant journey uphill and against a headwind of 60+ mph.

New Grief takes you back to places you don’t want to go. It makes you remember the moment you lost your loved one and it takes a accumulative toll over time.

No one really understands that – except God. I get a great deal of comfort from knowing my troubles here on earth will seem distant and unimaginable once I see the face of God. The one thing that I say to people and they get a little wacky is that I’m ready now.

When life doesn’t make sense and you try to live a new life you don’t know how to live. You live a day-to-day existence that is just too much to bare.

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