My Dreams

When I was a liittle girl I always believed I was destined to do something significant in the world. I remember in middle school and high school using a sketch book and drawing ball gowns. I was fascinated by ball gowns. Maybe that had something to do with my love of Cinderella.

But as life’s tragedies struck my family beginning at age 6 for me when my father left us, my mom and 6 children under the age of 7 to take care of our selves. In order to deal with my emotions I would draw and fantasize about what I would be when I grew up. But somehow I knew it was going to be something big.

But life has a way of turning a sharp left when you wanted to go right. If I were to sit down today and draw the path way my life has taken over the past 40 years – well I’m afraid it would look like a triange gone bad.

I’m a strong person, but strong people can only do so much. Without my faith in God, I’m certain I wouldn’t have made it this far. Today, I have been reminded again that just when I think I’m in the clear and things are looking up, I am shocked back into my reality that life just hasn’t nor will it ever be easy.

Those of you who have it easy – consider yourself very lucky. For some reason I have been chosen to go through bad times over and over and over again. I always come out a better person, but it certainly has taken it’s toll on this body.

I am looking forward to the day when God calls me home and I can no longer deal with the cruel people of this world.


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