Dark Waters

Dark Waters

From all sides the walls are moving closer,
to the depths I am moved to be with you.
When I look up I am blinded; for what I
see are sorrowful songs of brilliant hue.

In the past I have seen great things.
In the future I only see a void;
a darkness that rolls over my life.
Keeping me in a state of constant sadness.

Though you do not see it, it is there;
just outside your reach.
Can you feel it? Can you smell it?
It is there just waiting for you.

My hands hurt from working at the
misery of grief that envelopes my soul.
My legs hurt from running; running from
the darkness trying to find the light.

The light shines, but only at a distance.
It teases me and convinces me that it is there.
But, always just seemingly beyond my reach.
I stretch out my hand and can almost touch it.

Encounters of the dark over shadow the light.
Flickers of joy just beneath the surface waiting
to be freed from the darkness of my soul. Yet,
I cannot get free because you are not here.

You see, the light that I speak of was you.
Nothing compares to the light you brought to my life.
For three years my life has been dark; without
you. It’s as if I have drowned and am still alive.
I can see the light but it is reflective through the
waves beneath the surface of a beautiful water fall.

I see hope through the water, but the darkness is
still very present. Can you see it? Can you feel it?
It’s right here in my heart, the place were love
used to be.

until next time,


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