How Long Is This Gonna Take?

In watching the coverage of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Celebration of Life I came to a realization that this type of loss stays with you for the rest of your life. Watching the coverage took me back to Brittany’s Celebration of Life. We called it that instead of a funeral because we did want to celebrate the life of our only child. The light of our life. The reason God put us on the earth. To create a child of God and lover of life and a heart that was a big as you could imagine.

Celebrating ones’ life after they have passed on is a special time. It gives the loved ones’ who are left to pick up their lives and move on a way to hear stories that they may have not known about or have long forgotten about their special person. I remember hearing stories about Brittany that I didn’t know. Stories shared by her friends. Stories that made me a proud mother. I raised one hell of a girl.

In hearing Sen. Kennedy’s family and friends get up a speak of special stories that touched their lives, I think that Vicky, his wife, and his children and extended family will be blessed for the rest of their days. Those stories are the things that bring you peace and a sense of calm in the stormy days ahead when dealing with grief.

Grief comes back always. It never leaves you for very long. It lurks waiting for opportune moments to take you back to a time you would otherwise not want to go. But go you must. It stretches you in ways you can’t imagine. No one believes they can survive a loss such as a child; but I’m here as living proof that you can survive. In fact, you can move forward in your life.

Now I’m not saying that in a second, I’d take it all back to have her back in my life. But I also realize that things have happened for a reason. A reason that has yet to be revealed to me. But one that I accept and one that I realize I have to hold onto. There is a future for me somewhere, somehow and I am holding on for dear life until it happens.

A message for you today is that do not wait until some one you love passes to celebrate their life. Take the time to celebrate those special people today. Let them know that your life has been and will continue tobe blessed by their coming into your life. Make sure they know you realize they are a gift from God. A blessing. Because one day, one minute, one second – it could all be gone.

I challenge you today to go out and hug your child, your spouse, your parents, or siblings and say “I love you” and I am so thankful you are in my life. Don’t let grievances and bad blood come between you and your family or you and your friends. Keep the peace. Love everyone – resist your own selfish nature to have it all be about you. Because it is not about you – it is about God – the space you’ve been given is a gift to exist on this earth. Use it wisely.

until next time – Celebrate Life today!


One thought on “How Long Is This Gonna Take?

  1. Sorry Tristan I’ve been working 12 hour days for some time now and have had little time to deal with the blog.

    I do want to say that I appreciate your comments and I do read them. I’m glad you have found some of the blog topics helpful. I must admit though some of your responses have been concerning to me and I am very careful about what gets posted to my blog comments. I don’t approve of every comment. Only the ones I feel add to the content and meaning of what I have written. It’s nothing personal.

    Be blessed

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