Are You Listening….Can You Hear It!

Some days I am not the best at getting quiet and listening. Listening to nature, listening to people talk, listening to God. In fact, I keep the noise level so high I can’t even hear my own self think. But today I heard a voice and decided to act on it

While taking a walk today on a treadmill today I decided to listen to one of my podcasts called “Do It Again” by TD Jakes. Now I’ve written before about Bishop Jakes on this blog and how his ministry has helped me in my journey. Especially the times when I thought I couldn’t go on one more day. There he’d be giving me the very word I needed to hear.

Today was no different, in fact it was one a message I clearly needed to hear and probably need to hear again and again until I get it. It really helped me see I have a long journey yet to go, but one that is filled with hope and I’m ready to get it started.

You might think that I have already started my journey the moment my daughter died. But I have lived in the various stages of grief over the past 3 years and they have kept me from moving forward. Mostly I haven’t learned to love again to let love be a part of my life.

In order for me to move to the at next stage in my life, to be the person God intended me to be, I must learn to love again without fear of loss. Tonight during the Biggest Loser I watched Abby talk about that very fear – the fear of loving after you have lost everything. It’s not easy my friends.

But I do believe God places people like myself and Abby and the many other grieving parents here on earth to continue on a journey that will lead us to a higher level and he will restore what has been taken from us. He will fill up and heal our broken hearts. He will fill our lives with a joy like we’ve never known. And that is how it all starts…listening for His voice and believing in His Word.

Until Next Time,


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