For His name’s’ sake – Psalm 23:3 NKJV

Continuing the series “Blogging through Max Lucado’s book – Traveling Light” – Chapter 9 “Get Over Yourself” The burden of Arrogance.

Now I’ll start out by saying this isn’t one of my most favorite chapters of the book. The next two will be gut-wrenching,
but in keeping with the order of the book, I shall continue on….

The ticket is to become and, sometimes the most difficult to achieve, remain humble. If you don’t God will find a way to help you become humble. As we know, or at least I do, that God gets what he wants. All the time. When it comes to grief. God has given me much humility. Why? Because He was that sent me hope. I didn’t create it. He sent me peace. I didn’t create it. He gave me fellowship with the people of the church. I didn’t create it. God did it all – I just received it.

It’s like writing this blog or my book – it’s God behind the wheel of this train people. Not me. It would be very easy to take the credit; but if and when I do, He will send me a reminder that it is by His grace I have hope, love, mercy and redemption, not by my own hand.

So I leave you with 7 areas that Lucado says we need to evaluate in order to remain humble:

1. Assess yourself honestly

2. Don’t take success to seriously

3. Celebrate others

4. Don’t demand your own parking spot

5. Never announce your success before it comes

6. Speak humbly

7. Live at the foot of the cross

Now there is some food for thought. Enjoy.

until next time,


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