I remember clearly where I was when the attack happened on the first tower. It was my day off and I was doing one of the things I loved to do on my day off – drink coffee and watch the Today show. As I sat on the couch watching that morning and hearing that perhaps a prop plane had hit the building. And then the 2nd plane hit….it sent chills up my spine. I distinctively understood that this event was going to change our world. And it has.

The many hours of coverage that day was hard to watch, hard to imagine was happening and broke my heart over and over for those who could not get out. The first responders who tried to save those in peril, who risked their lives to assist. The graphic photos and film depicts the violence that occurred that day. People running all around not knowing what to do, or what just happened. Those of us who sat and watched on television – in disbelief as what had just occurred and for a feeling of helplessness.

It is times like 9/11 that have reminded us just how fortunate we are to live in a country where when something so tragic happened to our fellow citizens, we arose as a nation and stood along the side of the many families and friends who lost loved ones, our government and said to the world “we are a united nation and we will not tolerate this type of attack” “this will not defeat us – it will only make us stronger”.

What I want to convey in this message today is that while the tributes are wonderful and touching, it is the day-to-day life that remains a heavy burden on those left behind. The grief continues long after will forever remain the “brick” that we carry in our pocket. A constant reminder of the gravity of our losses, no matter when the loss occurred or how, grief will always remain.

So to the families that lost a loved one on 9/11 – I stand with you as a sister in grief. This has  become part of who we are and we take it with us, not to continually mourn, but to serve as a reminder that our loss, our sorrow, our pain continues long after the memorials, tributes and services. But what also continues, it what is most important – the memories of our loved ones, the faith that carries us and the strength we get from others.

until next time,



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