One of my favorite and meaningful scriptures.


Click on the line above and it will take you to a Wordle I created for this scripture. I printed it out for myself to hang up to remind me that I need never forget how I have made it thus far on this journey of grief I didn’t ask for, wouldn’t want to be on, and most of all wished I didn’t have to be on. But I am and I have met some incredible people along the way who have helped me heal, grieved with me, grieved for me when I couldn’t, and I have also met some inspiring parents who, like me, have lost a child too soon. We are all connected by this one tragic event in our lives and I for one am blessed to know them and glad they are in my life today. As our children dance at the feet of Jesus and celebrate his birthday – I am reminded that God only knows why and my job is to listen and love those who surround me.

until next time


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