This Easter Message is just as relevant today as it was two years ago.

Unimaginable Grief Unexpected Blessings

Today across the world Christians celebrate the Risen King. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The hope that Easter brings comfort to so many. The joy knowing that when Christ returns again, the painful, woeful and sorrowful world as we know it will end and the most powerful joy and love will forever reign.

Growing up Easter meant Easter baskets overflowing with candy and a stuffed bunny. Coloring eggs with my brothers and our mother. It meant getting all dressed up with our new Easter outfits and attending church. It was tradition. Having an Easter meal with grandparents and family. But today my friends, I understand the true meaning of Easter and I have a profound sorrow that not everyone gets that.

It’s not about the Easter Bunny. It’s not about Easter Egg Hunts. It’s not about Easter Bonnets and Easter Dresses. It’s not about going to church…

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