There Is No New Normal!

When I read blogs like this, my faith is renewed that my journey is much like many others and that writing is the healing medication we all need to process our grief in our own unique way.


My postings may be a bit too raw for the newly bereaved parent. Maybe I am a wee bit too honest about what it has been like for me living without my daughter. If someone searching for hope reads my blog, I wonder if they will be discouraged and come to the conclusion that there is no way to survive this unimaginable loss. However, based on what I am learning from grieving parents who are farther along, you can survive. Just the fact that those parents exist to share their own personal journey comforts me.

As I probably have said before, I remember desperately searching the internet those first few days for a way to survive! Didn’t anyone write a book with instructions how to do this? I am not kidding, I was earnestly searching for a way! Surely this pain will kill me! It seemed that my search engine…

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