Brittany’s Heart

Brittany used to make me laugh all the time. She had that uncanny way of bringing people out of a bad mood. She really did not care what people thought about her, but she cared deeply for the people in her life. She, like her mother (the apple did not fall far from the tree), was a maniac for justice. When she saw an injustice, she would often speak up. Even when it may have not been the most opportune moment.

She had no problem speaking her mind when she felt compelled to say something she knew was not right. I suspect that too she got from her mother. She would often ask why people were so mean. I really never had a good answer for her, but she would always ask and I would always fail to provide an answer that satisfied her. When she witnessed someone suffering from bullying or unkind words, she would step up and either provided solace or protection.

One particular time comes to mind when during her high school years she came home demanding to head to the store so that she could buy a card and flowers for someone. I asked who it was for and she said a classmate. As we drove to the store she looked at me and with this uncanny way she had about herself said “I feel for her mom because she passed out at school and the ambulance came and I know how that feels”.

She quickly picked out a card and flowers and off we went to find this girls house. As we drove up Brittany collected the card, signed it and walked up to the door as if she’d been there before. But I was fairly certain she’d never been there before. I knew all of Brit’s friends, the few she had, and I knew this was not someone who she hung out with. Nevertheless, she felt compelled to do this kind gesture.

Her classmate opened the door and Brittany offered her the card and flowers, exchanged a few words and left the house and got back into the car. We drove home in silence, but she had this tiny smile on her face that spoke volumes.

We never spoke about that again. At Brittany Celebration of Life, I received a card from that classmate. Inside the card she wrote about that day when Brittany brought her that card and flowers and said how touched she was that she would do that for someone she really did not know well. She also went on to say that no one else, not even her close friends, did anything like that for her. She said she would never forget that.

That is how my Brittany was. A sweet, funny spirt that loved and wanted only to be loved in return for who she was and not turned away because she was different. Really she was not that different. She looked beautiful, she was smart, but she had a disease that made her feel like she was damaged. But that was the farthest from the truth. She came to understand she was not damaged, but she was a gift from God to others. What she needed to do was spend that gift and touch lives. And she did just that until her light flickered for the last time and went home to her Heavenly Father where He welcomed her with open arms and said “well done my child, well done”.

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