Things I miss about her.

I think about my late daughter almost every day. Sometimes it is a fleeting memory and sometimes it is a story in my memory bank about something she did. Either way, she is in my thoughts daily. 10 years has not created the distance from my heart to hers. She lives in me every day and I would not want it any other way. The things I miss about her….

The incredible way she made people laugh

Her love of God 

Her steadfast belief that she could do ANYTHING

Her fun spirit that cheered me up on days when I did not want to be cheered up

Her hugs

Her voice

Her calling my name “mom”

Her resilient attitude to get up every day and face whatever came her way

Her singing in the shower

Her goofy look at things

Her dedication to uplifting people who were bullied

Her smile

Her love


Until next 


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