A New Year

As we close 2016 I am struggling to come up with something positive to say. Unfortunately I am not feeling so positive about 2017. I’m concerned for our country and where we may end up with this new administration. I’m concerned for healthcare and what may happen to many who rely on the Affordable Care Act. I understand all too well how healthcare can be difficult to understand and navigate and that healthcare can destroy families.

Of course, none of which I have any control over. I have figured out over these many years that I can control only what I do and say or think. I can do the very best that I can do to:

  • uplift those in need
  • offer a hand to those who need support
  • love those who feel unloved
  • support the causes that are dear to my heart
  • comfort those who grieve
  • create opportunity that promotes positive change
  • exude gratitude
  • pray
  • meditate
  • exercise

Being part of the mourning mother’s club I’ve learned that our world is always complicated and it’s hard to navigate around any given minute, hour or day. But when we put others first and we walk in love; accept others; serve those in need; we begin to mend our broken hearts. Notice I don’t say heal but rather mend. A scar that will forever hold the place where our child, our old life lived before their death. It’s a sacred place that only we and our God understands and loves.

It’s a choice each day to look forward and not behind. Grief is hard work and it can be exhausting, but the reward is that love will sprout in another place and joy can return. You just have to be open and willing to take that first step forward.

Happy New Year

Until next time,




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