A Grown Woman ALWAYS Needs Her Mama

This picture is one of my favorites of my mom and me. I’m not sure how old I was, thinking maybe eight or nine years of age. Which means my mom was in her mid-late 20’s. She was the best mom. She loved her children and worked to keep food on the table and clothes on our backs. She was a single mother. Working three jobs at times to make sure we stayed together as a family.

Today she would have celebrated her 79th birthday. That seems so far fetched given she died at the young age of 48 on September 16th, 1988. Just a few days after we celebrate her 48th birthday.

What is staggering is I’ve lived half my life without her. But those first 31 years she prepared me to be a mom; to be a strong and successful woman; and to live through the most unimaginable grief. She taught me the importance of having a strong work ethic. She taught me right from wrong. She taught me that I was so much more than I thought I could be. She believed in me. She was my best friend. And every day I think of her and know she walks along my life with me, guiding my way.

There are days when I just wish I could get a hug from her. She gave the best hugs ever. She wrote the most amazing letters to me and I have them today. I treasure them with all of my heart.

Here is what I know – You are never too old to want your mama, to need your mama. I also know she has my Brittany with her. I feel them all around me protecting me, keeping me moving forward, even on days when it just doesn’t feel right.

Grief sucks…

Until next time


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