by MercedesGrace

Everyday that I wake up and realize you are gone…..it still hurts.

Everyday that I spend without you in my life…..it still hurts.

Everyday that I look at your picture…..it still hurts.

Everyday that I continue to breathe without you here….it still hurts.

Everyday I am reminded of how much it still hurts to live, to breathe, to exist without  you in my life.

Everyday I wake up, I breathe, I put one foot forward and I move into the next moment without you.

Everyday I am still asking why.

Everyday I still have no answers.

Everyday I miss you so much it hurts my heart.





Malissa Moss

As the sun sets in the west
the air is cool and crisp;
creating a sense that
it’s time to lie down and rest.

Oh my weary soul fights
back the sleep; for it is the
memories of seasons past
that keep coming back.

Fall comes and sorrow sets in
for it is the dark times that
prey upon me now. As the leaves
fall from the trees does my tears
fall from my face.

Winter comes and the snow falls
bringing holiday cheers and song
but in my heart there is no cheer
only a song of sorrow for a life lost.

Spring arrives as the birds sing of
joy to be warmed by the sun that
arises in the east. A time to see
growth and splendor beyond the pain.

Summer comes and goes so quick
as it brings back the sorrow again.
The cycle of my grief comes like
cycle of the seasons. Beginning with
Fall and ending with Summer.

the end