This Is It – Tribute to MJ

Today I got to see “This Is It” – Michael Jackson’s journey during the summer of 09 while rehearsing for his final tour “This Is It” in London. I can tell you without a doubt I walked away with so many feelings and what I believe a message that Michael is just jumping for joy about.

Now mind you this is just my opinion, and I certainly don’t intend on interjecting my own spin on the message, but I do think if MJ was alive, he would be very pleased because this film has a lot to say. And it speaks to so many different people.

For me, there were three different messages that the film spoke to me. One was that Michael appeared to be in very good health. He was resilient, feisty, creative, very involved and funny during the whole film. Never once did I think he look sickly, as some of the news media have depicted.

Secondly his love of the planet and his fears of its impending demise comes through very clearly. He speaks of it in a genuine way and makes you think – he is right. We are destroying the very earth we live on. This earth is a gift from God and we need to take better care of it.

Thirdly his message of what our jobs are here on earth, to love. Those of you who have read my blog posts before or follow me on FB or Twitter, know that I too, believe that love is the ultimate gift you can give. MJ speaks so eloquently about love and the need to have love and to give love. This part is the part of the film that nearly brought me to tears.

The tears came because I think the world is in need of love and the importance of love. One of the true messengers of this lesson is now gone. But we can all keep the one thing that was so important to MJ alive by continuing that message of hope and love for all.

So many of his great songs are performed, of course, as a rehearsal, so you don’t see his full-out performance of those songs. But the gift is you get to see a glimpse of what a true creative genius he was at music and how he worked very hard to create the ultimate experience for his fans. Because to MJ the performance, the music, the love and quality was the gift he wanted to give us. Very simply a wonderful and innocent gift that I as a MJ fan from long ago will cherish for as long as I can sing and dance to Thriller.

Until next time