Epictetus Thoughts

Epictetus taught that some things are in our power and some things are not. Examples of some things that are in our power are:

Movement toward a thing
Aversion (turning from a thing)
in a word – whatever are our own acts

Things that are not in our power:

offices (magisterial power)
in a word – whatever are not our own acts

With this in mind, consider this…

If you then desire (aim at) such great things, remember that you must not (attempt to) lay hold of them with a small effort; but you must leave alone some things entirely, and postpone others for the present. But if you wish for these things also (such great things), and the power (office) and wealth, perhaps you will not gain even these very things. – exerpted from The Encheiridion: The Manual for Living 2005

What to take from this…..

Focus on one thing and give it everything you can. Otherwise if you try and spread yourself too thin attempting to attain it all, you’ll probably end up with nothing.

What a wake up call! Esp. for me.

until later


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