One Day

Today’s Parade Magazine in the Sunday Paper

“If you had one day to spend with someone who’s gone…Who would it be? What would you do? by Mitch Albom

Well – that got me thinking….

Yesterday, September 16th marked the 18th anniversary of my mom’s passing. She was 48. My age. Sobering thought!

I would want to spend it with her. I lived away from home when she became sick. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April 88 and died on September 16th that year. Just 4 days after her 48th birthday. I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter then. Having to bury your best friend, your mentor while carrying your first born, well, it was a devastating time.

I’d like to spend time with her now, share with her all the things that have happened since then. How we have come so far in the diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer. How I have become an advocate for change in women’s healthcare because of her story.

Breast Cancer Awareness – Komen Foundation



How her grandaughter, she’d only seen on ultrasound has blossomed into the most beautiful young woman I know.  (Picture above)

I’d tell her how proud I am to be her daughter and how much I miss her. Everyday of my existence.

BUT SHE ALREADY KNOWS – I tell her everyday. I know she knows, because God is an Awesome God and she is there with him. Watching and keeping a close eye on us.

Mom – love you!!!!

until later,


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