For Shame

Because I sit alone mourning the loss of my daughter – I have the TV on  to take over the painful quiet of my house.

In watching the rediculous amount of political ads on TV, I am ashamed for our leaders. The mud slinging and personal, IMMATURE, attacks at their opponents is, for at least this voter, embarrassing. Are they not aware that most of us think they are so much about themselves that they are willing to let us see them at their worst. Now in all good faith, can we vote for anyone who attacks their own mankind. That feels so comfortable making nasty comments about people’s intentions. How does that speak to their own convictions and personal soul? 

This is so out of control – I’m so surprised the public is putting up with. If I weren’t dealing with the current loss of my daughter – I’d be writing letters and making phone calls to my local representatives and senators – with a shame on all of you. We should just consider cleaning house and senate and starting over.

I’m embarrased as a US citizen and voter and I’m not sure if I even want to vote – not because I don’t want to be involved – but because I don’t want to give my approval to someone or anyone who thinks its ok to belittle or verbally attack one’s character on national TV.

What does that speak of their soul and of their character? How do we trust them in government to do the job they are voted to do?

Yesterday on a CNN program an 8th grader wrote into the show that was on “Our Broken Government” – he wrote something that made abosolutely common sense to him and it is beginning to make sense to me:

“In school, if we are bad we have to go to time out, or stand outside the classroom or worse yet go to the principle’s office. Sometimes even the bad kids get kicked out of school.” he goes on the ask “Why can’t we do that for the two houses in Washington?” – I ask the same. Are we afraid to make our leaders more accountable?

Something to mull over as you decide on which “person” to vote for on Tuesday.

Vote your values, vote your common sense, do NOT vote in purposeful ignorance for someone just because he/she is in which party. PARTY no longer should be the issue. The person’s record and character should be your voting guide.

good luck on Tuesday


3 thoughts on “For Shame

  1. I could not have said it better myself. As I sit here watching TV it makes me sick to see the mud slinging going on. I don’t know who to believe or what to believe. I am really struggling with this. Who is the best candidate? Right now I feel that no one is worthy of my vote. Maybe we should start paying more attention to our younger generation, alot of their comments and questions are worthy of an answer….Makes me sit here thinking??? Too bad I can’t vote for that 8th grader, he makes much more sense than any of the TV ads. I hope by Tuesday I will cast my vote for the right person. I really must pray on this.

  2. Loved what you wrote. Your great grandmother, your grandmother, your mother and your uncle Joe and aunt Sue are very proud of you and we are all praying for you and Britany.

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