Could this be it

What do people do when they feel that there is no hope left. No matter how hard they have tried to see it feel. It is there. I’m feeling like I’m on the bottom of a very deep barrel with no rope.

my saddess

Saddess is all I know now that you are  gone.
It’s permiates my very soul;
it washes over me and saturates my mind
over and over and he knows he has won.

The devil is always near lurking for a moment,
a chance to grab you while you are weak,
snatches you up so fast you can’t have enough
time to cry out for help – you can even speak.

I have an overwhelming desire to end it all
The pain is too unbareable to continue
Don’t you know, I feel as a weight of 1000 lbs.
is laying on my chest and it’s getting very hard to move.

Death is knocking and my door, I don’t want it
but I need it. For I am dead inside already.



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