Where I am Today

Ok – here’s what’s on my mind…..

Went to church today. Guest pastor from Austraila was speaking. At first, I wasn’t so sure about his message…then it’s as if he was speaking directly to me.

He spoke about trials and how even christians get stuck asking why instead just accepting God’s plan even when we don’t know where it’s going. I took some notes from this sermon and from a tape I listened to from Joyce Meyer on Grief and Loneliness….

Things to think about…

1) Life is not fair – TRUST God’s plan for us or you’ll be miserable.

2) It’s time to press on and unwrap the Grief Clothes

3) You must experience the Phases of Grief – it’s normal: doesn’t feel normal

4) God is Good

5) The devil wants us to fail – always set your mind on victory in Christ Jesus

6) STOP TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT. Healing will not come if you keep trying to reconcile what happened.

7) It’s ok to ask Why – but you may not get the answer, even if you did it doesn’t help with the pain of loss

8) Don’t give up on HOPE. Hope deferred causes illness.

9) In every trouble – give it up to GOD


10) Your reward for faithfulness will come – take comfort.


Well – try as I might, it’s hard to keep pressing on, but I have NO other choice. As a christian, I only can move forward. I might stay a while in one place, but eventually, I must move on. My goal is to see Brit again in Heaven. If I am to achieve that goal, I must move on and do the work God intended for me. Even though I don’t really know what that is now. But I do know it’s part of this writing here that I do about my grief on 360. I’ll keep writing if you keep reading.

until next time,



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