Christmas Eve

I have been reading a book by Dr. John Terveen titled “Hope for the Brokenhearted” and the following is a passage that I took as if I had written it – it is where I stand today…

“My sense of loss was so pervasive that I felt as if my own life were now at a dead end. My future hope seemed abruptly extinguished, and it seemed the chains of grief would bind me and choke my life forever”….feeling nowhere else to turn in desperation, I turned to God and the bible. God graciously allowed me to find the exact message in the bible that I needed to read. Better yet, I actually understood what it said. It was so clear to me. That had never happened to me before. The author talked about finding new hope and that the sorrow and grief transformed into bridges of hope.

I can see that, yet it is just beginning for me. Ironically, I just turned on the TV to my church’s weekly Sunday service while getting ready for going to church and OH MY – the message is on HOPE! God truly sends me messages and people that bring me hope whenever I need it most.

You just have to be open to receive. Stay with me – The DEVIL is lurking everywhere you go – always looking for an opportunity to take away your hope. Be careful and take comfort in God’s peace and protection! You must ask him into your life and then give your life to him. Walk with God and God will walk with you.

Celebrate His Birth

Many Blessings as we celebrate the greatest birth of all time, Jesus Christ our Lord!

until later,

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