Here’s something to think about…

Today’s message at church was suppose to be about how to handle your finances…it turned out to be a very clear message about what is to come…

Some thing’s to ponder….

Instead of asking why I can’t have something…ask – why do I have so much?

When God comes he will destroy the earth by fire…everything you have will be gone – even your 401K!

How can you use what you have to further the ministry of God?

The life you live today is an audition for your role in heaven!

in other words….

Those you touch today will be who receives you in heaven.

My question for you is:

Don’t you want to have millions of people at your reception party in heaven?

Think about that as you begin your week- how can you serve our God with the possessions you have been given. Who can you help today? Whose life can you make better or whose face can you put a smile on? These things are what we have been commanded to do in the name of our Father in heaven. These are the treasures you are storing up in heaven and will make your entry into heaven a glorious day indeed.

My daughter lived by this example everyday that I knew her…now how can I not smile knowing she has made God smile for her work done here on earth.

until next time,


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