I saw something different today…

I was looking at the DVD of her “Celebration of Life” aka funeral. It’s been 11 weeks since I saw it the first time 1 week after her death. I actually made it through without breaking down. Just a bit tearful. But it amazes me today – how she touched so many people. How she loved so many unconditionally. How she loved God and grew in her faith.

What a proud moment as a parent to have such wonderful memories. Having her made me a better person. The one thing I took from seeing the video again is something Clayton said in his speech…she loved everyone….no matter what they thought about her….she saw the beauty in life despite how tremendously difficult her life had become….she was so in love….she was so happy at the end….she is and always will be our hero. I will always try to live my life for her and through her memory I hope to become more like her.

Love You Brittany!!!!!!

until later,

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