Today I was going through some pictures and so many memories came flooding back about Brit. Just the emptiness I felt was unbelievable. I don’t think I have cried that hard in a few months. Do you know what it’s like to feel your heart hurt? I have some idea of how it may feel to have a heart attack. The pain part!

Again, I say that I know she is dancing and celebrating being in the presence of our awesome God and I cannot deny that it must be wonderful for her. For the first time, she is truly free of all the suffering and pain she had to endure over the past 15+ years. I’m grateful that she had such a love for God and a willingness to share it with everyone she met. Despite the many trials and tribulations she everyday of her life. Even today, she still has an influence of good will, even though she is not here physically – her story and the stories told by her friends continue her practice of love for God and everyone she met.

If all of us could learn how to treat one another as well as my girl did, well – we’d be seeing a lot less bad news on the TV and a lot more good news!

until next time,


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