Just a thought…

Happy Easter To All My Friends and Family

What is Christianity?

Here is what it isn’t to me.

  • not some wacko ideal someone dreamed up
  • not a bunch of rules and regulations developed by well-meaning people
  • not a way of thinking

*It was based on REAL events and REAL people in a time long ago. A person died so that we may live. We are forgiven. Our sins are forgiven. Does that mean we get to do a “do – over”? NO – I believe it means we move on knowing what’s right and what’s wrong and try our best everyday to live like tomorrow doesn’t exist and we have one hour to show others (not tell) what it’s like to be a Christian.

Does this mean we are to be perfect? NO – it’s not possible. But what is possible is anything through Christ. We are to live a life that reflects our beliefs so that people will look at what we do or say or how we live and want what we have. That’s how you bring people to God. Not by judging others. Not by preaching rules and regulations.

It’s really not all that difficult you see. You just have to give your life to God and he’ll do the rest, if you let him.

until next time,


*Thanks Pastor Duane at ResLife for setting the record straight.

One thought on “Just a thought…

  1. Hope you don’t mind… but I would like to copy this and print it out to keep in my bible as a book marker.It’s Perfect. It makes me think back about a week ago when I was on here having that Discussion about a way of life. I will no longer be saying anything to anyone about what is right and what is wrong. As long as I know and as long as others see the way that I live that is enough:) Thanks for this!

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