Sunday – June 24, 2007

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. It’s been rainy here, but we needed it. Not much else to report. I watched Resurrection Life Church 11:30 service on the internet this morning. Ken Reynolds was leading the music. I sure do miss that choir and that church. There is such a presence of God in that big building. It stuck me the first time and every Sunday I was there. I haven’t been able to find that yet here. The one church I have been attending regularly here is pretty good. It’s going to be difficult to match the excellence and spiritual love that was felt at Reslife. I saw some friends there when the camera closed in on them. Made me a bit sad because I miss them too. But God is doing wonderful things in that church and my friends need to be right where they are.

I pray for guidance with where I’m suppose to be now too. I’m also praying for healing. My back is still in bad shape. The MRI showed a lot of scar tissue at the surgical site and has encased the nerve causing my pain. Now my ankle and foot are cooler today than than the other ankle and foot. I only get relief when I lie down. Otherwise it’s 10 of 10 on the pain scale. All my fellow nurses know what that means.!!! I’m suppose to get an injection of steriods on Friday. Praying for grace and healing to make it that far. Or perhaps – not needing it at all.

until next time,


One thought on “Sunday – June 24, 2007

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your pain! What a drag! I will definitely be praying for you, for grace and healing and that hopefully you won’t need the additional treatments (steroids or anything else).

    I haven’t read your e-mail yet, but I just wanted to drop you a line here, since someone contacted me to invite me as a friend and honestly I had forgotten all about 360. My page wasn’t as successful as yours :), but I’ll be trying to be more active here, as well. I’ve met a lot of friends on If you haven’t checked it out yet, you might want to. And if you do, look me up (BlessedMom77).

    You take care. I’m going to go read your e-mail messages now.

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