Entry for July 01, 2007

Happy Sunday again!

Still dealing with a “unpredictable” back issue. But I’m praying for healing and expect a breakthrough any day. Went to church with Denise today. Very moving service. Pastor spoke about “finding God in the darkest times”. Boy do I know about that.

I am currently reading a book about finding hope in the midst of a loss. It’s been very uplifting and helps me see that there is hope, I just need to be open enough to see it. The author uses Job as her comparison to show the reader how even at the darkest of times in the bible, Job had the ultimate of loss, yet found a way to give up on God.

I know I’ve said this before, but I do feel like “the current day Job” when I think about all the stuff I’m dealing with. But I have to believe my breakthrough is coming. I have to be open and willing to receive it. That’s the hard part. Not letting the devil talk me into keeping my eyes and heart closed. And he tries all the time.

My house situation went from bad to worse this past week. Please pray for a breakthrough and a buyer.

Have a peaceful and safe July 4th.

until next time,


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