From Oprah website regarding Elizabeth Edwards

I was watching Oprah show and her interview with Elizabeth and John Edwards regarding the loss of their son. It was as if she was saying things directly to my heart. My heart skipped a beat and I teared up and thought – someone speaking what I feel and so afraid to say.

Then I went to the message boards to see what people were saying and I was moved to comment to one mom who recently lost her son.


Your Loss is so Fresh!
In Response to: I recently lost my son
Posted by: mdbrn96
Posted on: 07/04/2007 at 3:29pm (100 of 100)

I am watching Oprah now and looking at the messages of so many who have lost children. I lost my only child on Oct. 13, 2006 after she had a grand mal seizure. She was 17-1/2 and a senior in high school. I have lost so many family members, including my mother while I was 7 mos pregnant with my only child. My mom was 48 died from Breast Cancer. Then 5 years later, my grandmother. There are days I still don’t know how I make it through everyday, but only by the grace of God. I continue to look for ways to honor my daughter and ways to keep her name from being erased from my families memories. Nine months ago – just as long as it took to nurture her in my womb – she is gone. Compassionate Friends is a great resource. They have a website and grief support network GriefShare. It’s very helpful. I also blog my grief on my yahoo 360 page at indygirlinmi. I highly recommend jouraling your journey. It shows you how far you have come on days when it feels like yesterday that your loss occured. My prayers and thoughts will be with you.

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