Sunday July 15th

Today I was interview by my church. They were interested in my story. About Brittany’s story. It was scheduled for Saturday, but I just wasn’t able to do it. But today I prayed for grace to get through it and I did. It was amazingly difficult to recount the high and low points of her life and my journey of grief.

God continue’s to give me the grace to get through each day. That’s it. I try not to worry about tomorrow. If I worried about tomorrow and all the troubling issues I am currently fighting, I would never make it. That’s one of the lessons Brittany taught me through her death. Don’t worry about tomorrow – just try and be happy and make other’s happy right where you are.

She was so much smarter than we ever gave her credit for. And WE always said she was so smart. It’s as if God gave her what she needed to get through her extraordinarily difficult life. She used it to the fullest. If I continue to look at this as what I have gained by having her in my life – I don’t get so blue. But if I let thoughts of sorrow in a what I’ve lost, well it’s not a pretty sight.

More on the interview later!

until next time,


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