I’m not sure where I stand on love. If you would have asked me before my daughter died I would have told you that I totally believed in love and probably would have told you that I was in love. That I had given my heart to someone. But they crushed it. I didn’t think I was going to recover. Then my daughter died.

That left a huge hole in my heart that I doubt will ever heal. I think it has scared over, but love, I don’t think it’s possible to love again. At least to the level I was able to love before. That capacity has been diminished by the scaring that has surrounded my broken heart.

What saddens me most is when I see people who take love for granted. They treat each other with disrespect, or don’t validate who they are as a person. Some people go through life never really feeling validated or loved. That is so sad. So how do we begin to heal that part of our life. We rely on God. We lean into God and ask for the energy, healing, the trust to love uncondionally again and hope that it can happen again.

I remember as a younger girl loving the movie Love Story. Hearing the words “love means never having to say your sorry”. To me love means “love hurts, love = loss” I have to change that in order to survive. I have to find a way to create love and give love without the worry of losing someone.

I’m ready, I think. But only God knows who and when my time will come.

Love everyone, Hate no one, Accept all, Deny none.

until next time


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