New Grief at a distance

Today I read about a young teenage girl who was killed in a car accident near my home. When I hear of these tragedies, especially when they involved girls near my own daughter’s age, my heart immediately aches for their parents.  Then I read about a young boy’s life cut short after losing his life to an unknown heart condition after playing a soccer game.  None of it makes any sense. The shock, the disbelief, the pain, the sorrow, the emptiness, the anger – it all has to come in it’s own time and on it’s own terms.

I will pray tonight for these families because prayer is what kept me in God’s presence during the most difficult time in my life. So many people lifted me up to God during my painful loss and I know that it made all the difference. My heart breaks so easily when I hear of a loss like that of a child. It’s the hardest loss to endure and it’s the longest loss to live with.

until next time


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