Doing vs Enduring

I read a story in my Women’s Meditation book today that made me think. It was a comment in the article that really made me stop and pause, thinking wow could I be doing this.

The article was about seeing the difference in doing God’s will verses enduring God’s will. When the Lord said “Thy will be done.” He meant that He would get up and do whatever it took to carry out God’s will. He just didn’t lie down and endure it. He carried on. He persevered. He finished the fight.

Then I thought about how I related to this passage and at times have felt that in Brittany’s death I have had to endure the grieving process. That it was God’s will that it was her time to leave this earth. That it was my time to endure the pain and emptiness that has been left in the wake of her death.

But after analysis of this passage, I now have the realization that it not God’s will that I endure anything. Jesus never said that suffering was from God or that it would be God’s will for us to suffer. Only that His will is to be done.

At some point early in my grief journey I became closer to God. A closeness that I had never experienced at any other time in my life.  I reached out so often to God because I felt there was no other place to turn. I wanted to feel like I had a purpose. I had so many questions. I still do.

I talked to God like He was sitting right in front of me. As if we’d been friends all my life. In fact, we had, I just didn’t see Him before.  Some of my questions were answered by unexpected sources. Some of my questions remain unanswered. But I do now understand that I am not to endure this grief journey.

I am to live it out loud and with a mission. A mission that speaks to the need to have God in your life. To build a strong foundation in God’s word. To have faith that is unmeasurable and strong enough to get through the toughest of life’s struggles – loss.

Whatever you feel God’s will is for you – I believe it is to be done. Activate your faith by walking along side God. Educating yourself on God’s word so that it becomes a part of your soul. That is how God’s will get’s done and not endured.

Enduring life doesn’t sound very appealing to me. But doing life – I think I can handle that one.

Until next time,


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