Throughout this blog over the past 3 years I have talked about unmistakable grief and unexpected blessings. I named this blog about grief because I wanted anyone who read it to know that even though you are in the midst of unmistakable grief there are and can be unexpected blessings along your journey.

Sometimes the fog of grief keeps you from seeing the blessings that are surrounding you. The space that envelopes you into what I call the swirling cesspool of grief blinds you to the blessings. It deafens the sound that the blessing makes when it happens.

Yes, blessings make sounds, the sounds of joy when you realize that you are blessed because you have so much, despite feeling as if you have nothing. You see we forget that although we may have lost everything, our homes, our jobs, our loved ones we are still blessed.

We are blessed because we were given those things. Some people never get a home, or a job or experience the love of a child. We forget that it’s not all about us really. It’s about realizing that God gave us these beautiful gifts for a short time, not to have them taken away, but to realize that they were here to move us forward in our journey. The journey towards what God has in store for us.

What’s odd, is sometimes, I still am blinded by my own disbelief. My own fears. My own grief. So blinded that I cannot hear the voice of God speaking ever so clearly that His plan is for me to live a life of abundant blessings. My job is to only believe. To open my eyes and see the gifts that surround me daily.

Yes, my daughter died three short years ago. But she was a blessing to me. A gift from God. She was here to move me forward in the plan that God has for my life. That plan is still very unclear to me today. Yet I know, because I just know, something powerful is about to change. So powerful that even I won’t be able to contain my joy.

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