What does substance have to do with grief? For me substance looks like a measure of how meaningful my life has become. Does it fit well with how I see the world. My world. Does my life matter? Do I have a purpose?

As I look back over the past 3 years and pick out the parts of my life that I’d say have substance – I’d say it all focuses around my faith in God. For without God – I’d have no substance. All that I am is for God. I am made by God and I am constantly being renewed by God. The substance that exists within me is created by my faith that God is good.

Even though my life has been filled with grief and sorrow. I can still see the substance. The “meat and potatoes” if you will of my life. What makes me unique! Having substance creates a way for you to see the value of your existence. So by looking at my life over the years I can see how the substance waned at times; often to the point of such emptiness.

That emptiness kept me from experiencing God. God has and always will be right next to me. It has always been my choice to see Him – to feel Him – to know that He is God. Those times when I was at the lowest point is when God would send someone into my life that would direct me, nurture me, love me despite my pain.

A person who would walk with me during my battles. Those friendships are at the very core of my belief that God brings people in and out of your life for a reason and for a season. The hard part is letting go. Moving on. Forging ahead even when the path looks dark and scary.

I’ve had many people who have come along side of me during the past 3 years. Warriors we like to call them. God warriors. They do God’s work. Help build up His children. Then we in return become warriors for others. That is the way it works. It a cycle that needs to keep happening in our walk with God. Ever evolving into a life of substance.

A life that creates joy and love. Peace and harmony. Think about it in your own life. Ask yourself this question: – Do you have substance? What are you made of? Are you walking in love? Are you a God warrior?

until next time,


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