The Reality Folks

Just a reminder…….Although I may have bad days – God always reveals Himself to me through my great many friends to have continued to stand by me unafraid to pray, love and surround me with their friendship. To all of you and I know you are reading this, because you care about me that much – may God richly bless you for reaching out to a hurting person.

Love – M


I wanted to make a “public statement” about how I grieve for my daughter, for the many losses I’ve had in my life. I get the sense that there may be some people who read this blog and think I’m not doing well. There may be even some of you who think I’ve taken some steps back. Well, I’m here to tell you that is nonsense.

What I write here is what every parent whose had to bury their young child wants to say, needs to say and should say. But is often snuffed out by well-meaning family members, friends, church members etc. What I write here is real, I don’t soften the blow because that wouldn’t be real. Being real means getting right the first time. Speaking what is true, not what others want to hear.

My pain is written out right here in front of anyone who cares to read it. And I’m ok with that. It doesn’t mean I’ve gone off the deep end. It doesn’t mean I’m depressed. It means simply I choose to write my journey so that some how it may help someone else, some parent whose lost and alone to see that they in fact are not alone. That there are a lot of us out here in the writing community who bleed on paper so to speak.

It’s one of the most healing things I’ve ever done. I will not apologize for mourning the loss of my daughter, nor will I be stifled because my words make a few people uncomfortable. Because you know what – the day my daughter – my life got uncomfortable and it’s been that way ever since.

So if you don’t want to see some wonderful Godly works going on here then don’t read my blog. Because God is doing great things through me, with me, for me and I choose to write about the journey.

Until next  time,


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