Faith Revealed

Greater view of an awesome God we serve

Who does great things…

Not having the answers to everything. Stop asking why. Trust requires having unanswered questions in your life. Because life can be unfair. So very unfair. But we are not to understand. We are to have a grand faith that God will provide. Trusting God is one of the hardest things we can do, however, our survival depends on it.

I know I’ve had numerous conversations with God about why my mom had to die at 48. Why my grandmother was taken at the age of 70 and now my daughter at the age of 17. Why? I never got any answers to those questions. Perhaps one day in Heaven I’ll get my answers. But for now I just have to know that it was God’s will and trusting that He knows the plans for me, for us. Plans that I can’t even begin to fathom.

I love a comment that Joyce Meyer said once “Stop Trying To Figure It Out” – in fact she yelled it. Trying to get through to the listeners that we needed to stop thinking so much and listen to our hearts. Our brains take us often down the wrong road. Too much thinking brings confusion.

Sometimes God brings you through a time that brings you to your knees asking why. I think that if we stop asking why and let God use us to do something incredible for His kingdom. Because that it why we are brought through tough times. I mean think about it….if no one experienced pain and sorrow and moved toward helping others – where would we be. We’d be a lost group of grievers.

So many people have come my way since my daughter died. Helping me on some level. From various authors to great friends. All of them had experienced a life-changing event. They chose to use their pain and sorrow for good and not evil. They didn’t allow the evil one to come into their life and bring them into a season of pain. It happens. It happens all to easily.

It’s harder to walk in the light. Because it requires great faith. The type of faith that extends a loving hand. The type that validates one’s pain and stands beside them even if it’s just to be present with them. Faith in a greater power than us, keeps us humble. It helps us to be more acutely aware of the pain and sorrow that surrounds us and to motivate us to help, to serve.

Think back on Jesus’ life and you’ll see that His life is what He wants for us. One that walks in love and cares for all no matter what the circumstances. To be the light and love. To have an unyielding faith that brings hope to your friends, family your neighbors. To anyone that sees you can see God.

So hows your faith and what are you doing to increase it?

until next time


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