Taken from my seat on my flight.

Today as I was flying home from Tampa, I reflected on my trip and how amazing and fun it was to be in such a wonderful place like St. Pete. I’m thankful for the opportunity to get a little rest and relaxation as well as some time with family and friends.

During the flight I was staring out into the sky and as has happened so often during a flight, I become so awestruck of the fact that God has been so gracious to me over my life. I know that may sound odd given the fact that I have lost so much and suffered so much, that I can still see God’s gift of grace upon my life. But I can tell you as I looked out at the beautiful clouds that surround the plane, I realized that God creates such beauty for us to enjoy. Yet we move so quickly through life that we forget to stop and look up.

The clouds and sky look so different from up high. You know the clouds look like puff balls floating about the blue sky. I mean how can you not see God in that? How can you not see God all around when you are up so high in the sky. I always feel so close to God and Brittany when I fly. I feel as if I am just within a fine space between them and me. It’s such a peaceful time.

I took some pictures of the beautiful cloud formations and in doing so, caught a quick glimpse of a rainbow. It made me smile. It made me stop and think just how small I am in a huge universe build by God, yet I too was built and wonderfully made by God. Sometimes we just need to slow down and stop and look around us and remember that we are living in a space that has been given to us to care for and to enjoy.

So as you go about your day, busy working, going to school, taking care of your family – stop and look up and see the wonders and beauty of the world around us. It’s a gift. It’s a blessing.

until next time,


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