New Book Choice Revealed

Good morning and happy Sunday

I have chosen a new book to blog through and I hope you all will find my thoughts, my insight and my heart poured out for you helpful. This book I’m about to share with you has been read many times over the past four years and I’m sure it will be many times again. Each time it has given me a new hope and new path to travel and it is my hope that you will obtain this book for yourself and let the words of this author reach out and touch you the way she has me.

The name of the book is “Grieving Forward” Embracing Life Beyond Loss by Susan Duke. I have had several email contacts with her over the years and she has been very helpful to me in creating my own outlet, this blog and my own book, by encouraging me and being a supportive mentor.

I’m very busy now as I have gone back to school to complete my masters in nursing leadership. So yes I will be very busy, but not busy enough that I won’t be writing weekly here. This blog still serves as a healing place for me to put it all out there and until it no longer serves a purpose, I’ll keep writing. And I hope you keep reading.

So here is an introduction to Susan Duke and her amazing story:

In October 1990 Susan Duke received the worst news of her life. Her son, Thomas, had been in an accident. After she reached the hospital it was very clear that the accident had been a serious one.  After a short while the doctor came out and gave her the news that changed her life from that moment on. Her 18 yr old son was gone.

I can’t even begin to share with  you all how much her story resonates with mine. Her thoughts, her fears, her faith, her resilience and her steadfast determination to move forward. Susan’s book was life-changing for me. Her words seem to speak how I felt. The pain I suffered through and the glimpses of God, even in the early moments after Brittany’s death – I was able to see.

In the preface on page 11 Susan quotes Elie Wiesel whose words keep me writing and telling  my story – because it is in all of our stories that we find healing can be brought to those who follow in our footsteps and sadly there will be more to follow.

“Whoever survives a test, whatever it may be, must tell the story. That is his duty.” – Elie Wiesel (1994) Healing After Loss

So I write……

until next time



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