Calm Quiet Response

Something about the calm quiet of the mountains to give a small measure of peace to a restless soul. Yes my soul is restless  – it  has been since October 13, 2006. But in all honesty I have had a restless soul since I can’t remember when. Perhaps since my childhood. Something happens to your soul when your spirit is broken and truth revealed that you feel a sense of meaninglessness. Yes that is a game changer.

ImageThe quiet calm that comes with the silence the earth brings no matter whether it is the crashing waves of the ocean upon the white sandy beaches of Florida or the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia – there is a peacefulness that brings a sense of calm. Stability to the soul. Yet it also allows the demons that lurk down deep to stir up the mess and bring to the surface some questions about why, how and now what.

Something about looking out at the vast expanse of trees over the horizon that makes you wonder what happens in the woods  in the dark of night. Like the dreams that happen in the dark. Do bad things happen in the woods? I’m sure the life cycle goes on in the woods of the mountains like the everyday life in the human world. The injustices that happen upon those who least expect it. Going about their business making life happen, existing in a volatile climate, surviving when all that matters is making it to the next meal or the next day. Survival comes in many packages and has many faces.

The calm quiet of the mountains gives way to the silence of a restless heart. A heavy sigh imparts from the soul like an escape from a dark cavern. Coming out to see the light and breath of God that is as far as the eye can see and the senses can envelope. The quiet calm is all that a soul needs to let the worries escape and the soul to be replenished.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to feel God’s gift to let my soul feel his presence in the midst of His ever present gift – the world he created as it was meant to be. No violence, no noise from the apartment above, no pain from a life left scared by someone’s lack of personal responsibility the worst of all. It’s all just between me and God. My time with him has no price. It is priceless.

I am also grateful for the love of my life and the friends that God has placed so eloquently in my life. I’m a better person for it. So to my friends and to my love – may God grant  you the peace and love of eternal peace that the mountains he so created gave you.

until next time,


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